Scott Dawson (swimmer & ultra runner) - Circumnavigation around the Isle of Wight ( Circ 60 mile swim and 70 mile run)

‘I approached Euan to help me get through my own mental and physical barriers to enable me to complete my successful non-stop swim around the Isle of Wight. With Euan’s help and dedication, I was able to push much further than I had ever thought possible. Euan knew that with a few tweaks, physically I could do it, but he really understood how to get into my head, and allow me to get through my own personal wall. Euan's coaching and support is second to none, Without his mentorship and discipline I would never have achieved a solo, non-stop swim around the Isle of Wight.'


Scott about to set off on his round the Isle of Wight non-stop swim, 


Scott smiling as we run around the Isle of Wight