• New sport-specific training plan every 4 weeks which is reviewed and adapted for the following 4 weeks (sport specific)
  • Once a month Zoom Call/ Phone contact and weekly messaging
  • Suitable for all athletes who are looking for a monthly plan and monthly contact to review progression





£40 Per Month

Currency: British Pound


  • New training Plan every 4 weeks reviewed every 2 weeks and tweaked/ adapted as required
  • Sport-specific with the addition of cross-training and strength & conditioning
  • Weekly verbal Z00m/ Phone contact and messaging
  • Racing Strategy, nutrition, performance top tips
  • Suitable all athletes looking for more variety in their training, more coach contact with the benefit of weekly progression review/ feedback 

£50 Per Month

Currency: British Pound


  • Multi-Goal orientated Programme with full coach and mentor support
  • Training programme every 4 weeks and reviewed weekly and adapted as required
  • Sport-specific, cross-training, strength & conditioning, and mental reliance/ sports psychology 
  • Every session is reviewed and daily feedback
  • Unlimited Contact through Zoom/ Call/ Message 
  • Everything is discussed, reviewed, tested, adapted to seek your ultimate performance whether strategy, equipment, or nutrition
  • Suitable for all athletes but ideal for ultra-distance runners, cyclists, swimmers or multi-day adventure athletes with one or more major adventure/ challenge/ race to train for
  • Goal focused to help you push you mentally and physically
  • Designed for those pushing the limits whether distance, duration, environment or at the sharp end of chasing that next PB
  • Whether you race for days, hours or minutes, we will channel your effort to ensure maximal performance is achieved

£80 Per Month

Currency: British Pound